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Thread: Blurry Topo and Spectral View

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    Default Blurry Topo and Spectral View

    I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this. After installing 3.3 the spectral and topographic views were blurry. I hadn't experienced this in 3.2. I ended up reverting to the previous version. Typically I'd assume I needed to make a change in video settings but it's happened on both a laptop and a desktop form two different vendors.

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    Hi, Thanks for posting the image.

    Is this a Wi-Spy DBx? I really think Chanalyzer 3.3 will work fine. The blurriness isn't necessarily caused by Chanalyzer 3.3. It just means at one point the HW configurations were changed, and Chanalyzer remembers it.

    You can go back to the default views by right clicking on the x-axis and viewing the entire 2.4GHz band. That should get your settings correct, and you'll be using the latest version of Chanalyzer.

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