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Thread: Chanalyzer 3.3 topographic view

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    Cool Chanalyzer 3.3 topographic view

    Multiple SSIDs are on the same channel i select to see them; why do some of the lines come up as broken lines and others as solid?
    also why does my b/G network come up with SSIDs as archs? shouldn't it conform to the signature?

    thanks for the time.
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    The line style denotes Encryption level.

    Dotted line = No encryption
    Dashed like = WEP
    Solid line = WPA

    They show up as arches because all APs broadcast in 802.11B mode, so when there is no traffic, they show up as 802.11B.

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    Thanks Tyler.

    If you have a good idea of the networks around you, I'd turn off the wireless scanning so you can have a clearer recording.


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