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Thread: Spikes in noise floor

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    Default Spikes in noise floor

    Has anyone seen a similar spectrum where there are sharp spikes noise? Any idea what could cause this? The location of the AP is in a warehouse. The recording file is attached.


  2. Default The source of the

    The source of the noise is USB, since it uses a 24MHz clock and the spurs are 12MHz apart. The views' amplitude range auto-scales based on signal strength of transmitters present. In a typical environment with wireless access points, mice, keyboards and the like transmitting between -55 and -35 dBm, the USB noise is barely noticeable. In an
    anechoic chamber with no transmitters present, the way the views auto-scale does cause the spurs to be shown off to alarming affect.

    If the USB spikes are an issue, a simple USB extension should do the trick!

    From: FAQ I hope that helps a little!
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    Default I'm having spikes that are

    I'm having spikes that are similar, but not identical. I am already using a usb extension. Also, the spacing seems slightly different for my spikes and they are not consistent.

    Is this the same issue?
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    It looks that way. Although I haven't seen the spikes that high before. It seems very unusual.

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    Do they get stronger when the Wi-Spy is closer to the computer?


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