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Thread: Please make this software work with AirPcap

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    Default Please make this software work with AirPcap

    Im disappointed when I found out this software doesnt work with my AirPcap NX cards. Unless Im missing something.

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    What do you want it to do ?

    I see both products perfrom 2 seperate and useful tasks...
    WiSpy is about looking at the radio spectrum and showing what could cause an issue with something else in the same space.

    AirPCap is about WiFi Packets.

    I have 2 AirPCap NX devices (and also Cace Pilot) and a WiSpy dbx and the 2.4.

    At no time have I thought this software needed to work with the AirPCap.

    That said, it does not mean there is no value in it, so some more detail about how you would like to see it work together may help the developers decide if they think it is worth it.


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