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Thread: Wi-Spy DBx for 5GHz InSSIDer Captures?

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    Default Wi-Spy DBx for 5GHz InSSIDer Captures?

    Is it possible to utilize the 5GHz rx in the DBx to scan with InSSIDer?

    Seems like it'd be possible, but I'm not seeing how.

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    Default Too Bad...

    Found the answer in the InSSIDer help file :-(

    Why can't I use my Wi-Spy with inSSIDer?
    The Wi-Spy reads activity only on the physical layer, and because of that it is able to display all activity such as microwaves, cordless phones, and what Wi-Fi looks like on the spectrum. inSSIDer uses the wireless card to read its information about available wireless networks.

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    Hi Kevin,

    Have you tried Chanalyzer Lite with your Wi-Spy DBx? It has most of the features inssider has, as well as the spectrum analysis from the Wi-Spy DBx.

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