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    Default GIGASET interference


    I have a client computer which connects to an Access point. Very often someone in the same room is using a GIGASET phone which is visable on the whole 2.4 Ghz band with a spectrum analyzer. So no doubt it is interfering with the wireless connection.

    My question is; how can i determine that it has such influence on the wireless connection, that the client sometimes looses his wifi connecion ?

    Here are the screenshots. Number one is with the phone ACTIVE. The second one is with the phone INACTIVE
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    Thank you for posting both of these images! What a great capture! I would love if you could send these recordings to me. support at metageek dot net

    It looks like the client computer is connecting to the access point on channel 1. And that access point is totally swamped by the cordless phone. You probably can't prove it is the cordless phone- but that image will definitely speak volumes.

    The best option would be to do a speed test with the access point without the cordless phone, and then another with it on. I'm surprised the client maintains connectivity to the access point actually.

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    Thanks Trent.

    That's just the problem. That we can't prove it

    We are now tracing the packets from the client to the access point and visa versa with Wildpackets Omnipeek.

    Can I, in anyway, see by the packets in Omnipeek, what's going wrong ?

    I will send you the recordings (2 minutes each ). It is a Siemens AL280 GIGASET. And the access points are from Ruckus. So it's pretty high performance gear.

    PS: I can send you the recordings tomorrow, when I'm at work...

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    Since "someone in the same room is using a GIGASET phone", it sounds like the WiFi user and the phone user dont want to work together...

    But since they are in the same room, the should not object to doing some test.
    Try this (as a test with them)
    On the WiFi Client PC, ping the AP
    ping -t -w 5000 -l 15000 <AP IP address>
    -t keep pinging until you stop it.
    -w 5 Second timeout
    -l 15,000 bytes of data (to make it work more like real time use)
    This will give you a response time eg: 1-3 ms at a guess

    Next get them to use the phone...
    You will either see the ping time go up, but I would expect they will timeout.
    Hang up the phone, it will return to normal, use the phone and so on.
    Its very hard to argue that such a real time test is not the phone.

    As much as tech tools help the techs (eg: a wifi sniffer like airpcap would show retransmissions etc in wireshark) end users dont understand. But the will understand that when the phone os in use the data stops and when its not, the data moves...

    Good luck

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    Default DECT phones in 2.4 range

    AL280 is a DECT phone and according to Siemens declaration of conformity operates in 1900 range.

    My DECT C450 IP model does not show any activity with Wi-Spy 2.4x.

    Is it common for DECT phones to have such a great impact on 2.4 band ?

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    Well, most DECT phones operate in the 1.9GHz band, but there ones that operate in the 2.4GHz band. The ones that operate in the 2.4GHz band don't use much bandwidth.

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    I am new at this and don't know how to get those spectral pictures, do you use inSSIDer or a special device connected to your PC?
    Thank you very much

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    This is using a special device (Wi-Spy) and Chanalyzer. You can find those for sale on the regular metageek website.


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