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Thread: Request for Cahanalyzer 3 to run with Wi-Spy 2.4i

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    Default Request for Cahanalyzer 3 to run with Wi-Spy 2.4i

    It would be a great tool for use with the Wi-Spy 2.4i to be able to run the full version of Chanalyzer. It would also cut down on updating of two products enabling your folks and customers to do more with the one program.

    I think you would find everyone would be very pleased with a development like this.

    Thanks for listening
    Admin of BarefootBay.Biz
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    Support for the 2.4i will probably never be in Chanalyzer 3. It will however, be supported in Chanalyzer Pro.

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    Is there a time frame when the Pro Version will be released? I would be interested in that.


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    We're hoping for June. But don't hold us to that.

    I've sent you a coupon code to upgrade your 2.4i to 2.4x, if you so wish.


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