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    First, please pardon my ignorance in such areas...

    I work for a school. We have an issue with lost connects on one corner of side of the main building. After walking around yesterday with the wi-spy, my own laptops BlueTooth and 802.11 turned off, I found several curious things. I also turned off our entire wireless network.

    This recording was standing very near two large utility posts, each with several large transformers on them. Could this cause interference and cause drops? To my eye, the spectral view seem sto indicate some sort of sweeping.

    Thanks for your assistance.

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    Hi, and thank you for posting your question.

    I changed the time frame to view the recording to sent. It was difficult to determine if those were Wi-Fi signals on channels 1 and 6. The amplitude levels are too low for a good connection anyway. So if they are Wi-Fi signals, I would start to investigate multipath problems. The signals are coming in at too many odd amplitude levels.

    Attached is an image of some non-wifi activity that would definitely cause a problem for some Wi-Fi on Channel 6. It wouldn't cause a problem if the access point was located closer to the location, but in this circumstance, the AP signal is getting muddled in with the transformer signals.

    But yes, your spectral view definitely indicated some odd behavior. You might be able to track it down by using the spectral view. Watch it and the colors change as you get closer.

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