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Thread: Chanalyzer 3.4 High Average Reading in Planar View

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    Yesterday I installed the latest Chanalyzer 3.4 software to run in conjunction with my Wi.Spy2.4x dongle.

    Compared with version 3.3 it appears that the average signal throughput in the Planar View is way higher than shows up in the earlier software. It appears to blank everything else out and unlike the earlier versions of software does not show the true nature of bandwidth usage.

    I have since deleted version 3.4 and regressed to 3.3, which works exactly as its meant to. I'm happy again!

    Is this a glitch in the new software I wonder?


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    Before we were taking an average of the dBm values, which is a logarithmic scale. This will give you an average amplitude, but will not reflect the average power of the frequency. By translating each reading to power and then taking an average of the power, Chan 3.4 provides a more accurate measurement of the power on each frequency.

    This was an intentional change, and is not a glitch, but we are open to the idea of including both average calculations should there be a convincing reason to do so.

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    Hi Trent,

    Thanks for the prompt reply. I have had a word with all the guys in our RF team and we are in general agreement that its the average amplitude that immediately shows us we have problems with interference. I know the Topographical view shows the type of interference with the definition of its signature, but we have found that when you first power on the Chanalyzer device interference is immediately obvious via the original average reading produced by the Planar view.

    Maybe you could introduce another coloured box and overlay so that we could have four, Current, Average Freq, Average Amp and Max.


    Phil B

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    Okay, I'll pass the word onto the cheif geek. We'll see if we can roll it out. Should be a minor change/revert.


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    I also support this.
    I am sure that both variants of this type of report are useful to different folks, so, if we can have both features, that would probably keep everyone happy...

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    Default Chanalyzer 3.4 High Average Reading in Planar View

    Hello Trent,

    Any news on the imminent arrival of a further upgrade to 3.4 to encompass the suggested changes, ie the inclusion of average amplitude?


    Phil B

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    I have been struggling all day to figure out how spikes in the planar view can appear at the end of a scan, and also not show in the topographic or spectral views.

    Any update on when this will be fixed in 3.X?

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    They are not updating v3.4.. Your only choice would be v4.

    Would you mind uploading an image of what you are talking about? I am curious to see what you mean.

    I do know that in v3.4 the topographic and spectral views are actually percentages, so hence as the recording gets longer if nothing else shows up there, the "dot/ space" is changed to a more marginal or harder to see color. They changed that in v4 as I believe the cut off to show in the Histograph/spectral view is now (-97 dBm). But, I for one, really liked the old percentages as I want to see a correlation between the 2 graphs. I wish they would allow you to change between the 2.


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    The spikes you are probably referring to are blue. The blue fill represents the highest values the Wi-Spy sensed throughout the entire capture. If you left the software recording for 6 hours and for one tiny microsecond, the Wi-Spy detected noise at a higher amplitude it would be drawn in the max as you are seeing.

    With longer recordings a single dot drawn in a waterfall view will easily be missed or no longer drawn. The same is true for the density view. Out of all the points the Wi-Spy has to draw in a 6 hour capture, a pixel that is 0.0005% dense won't be drawn with much intensity either.


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