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Thread: Disruptive Video Signals

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    Default Disruptive Video Signals

    These recordings were taken at a camp ground (rv's and mobile homes) that has 6 outdoor b/g AP's to provide free WiFi to guests. Unfortunately...they are being constantly stomped on by what appears to be multiple wireless video signals.

    By locking my display time to 20 seconds, I have identified approximately 400 feet of street front (containing approximately 10 'lots') that have the strongest signal. Can anyone suggest how to narrow down my search?

    The campground owner is asking the guests/residents at these lots...but I was wandering if anyone sees anything else in this screenshot and recording.

    Also, any more specific suggestions as to the type of devices (besides wireless video)?

    There appear to be 4 devices centered at 2414, 2436, 2450, and 2468.

    Images and WSR attached

    Thanks for looking!
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    Hi Aaron,

    Thanks for sharing! I don't see anything other than the wireless video devices. Wow. I can see how they would be a problem. Let us know how it gets resolved!

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    Default Cameras Found - problem solved!

    We found the cameras while walking the area identified by the DBx. There were two Astak CM-812T cameras and a CM-707 Receiver ( The guest was kind enough to turn them off.

    Attached is a recording of the DBx sitting between the two cameras...just feet away. I turned off the cameras one at a time, connected to the wireless network and started a download. Then I turned on one of the cameras. It instantly killed the download and my connection to the wifi. It's easy to see why in the recording.

    Hope this helps someone else out there...we fought with this for a while before getting the DBx.
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    Thank you for posting. We love hearing stories like these, as I'm sure the MetaGeek community does as well.

    Were these being used by a guest at the camp, or a neighboring business?


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