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    Default Access points name (2)


    I've been using the Cisco Aironet Site Survey tility (ASSU) for one main reason : several of my customers are using Cisco unified wireless system (up to 800 AP) and this piece of soft grant the possibility to have the name of each AP through the use of CCX v4 (Cisco Compatible Extension).

    If the wifi card can still be used under Windows 7, it is no longer the case of the ASSU and I didn't see any software having this feature.
    What about adding CCX mgmt to inSSIDer, making this software the new reference for Cisco Network wireless engineers ?

    Thanks for inSSIDer, it's a good software.

    CCIE #12163

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    Default Access Point Names

    I have lots of AP's all broadcasting the saem SSID's, as you might expect.
    It would be great if I could tie a name to an AP's MAC address and have that display in another column so I can easily see (and sort by) physical AP. Some AP's have multiple MAC addresses, so a single name might be represented by multiple MAC addresses.
    thanks for considering this feature request.
    Great product!

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    SSID aliasing is in the works!

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    Keep in mind that some APs will put the APName in the beacon and some do not.
    I needed a tool to ID the AP Name (not the SSID), so make a rough and ready util that used AirPCap API. This worked great for the Cisco APs.

    In the cases where the AP did not put the AP Name in the beacon, I simply used the SSID.

    Tyler, let me know if you want a sample of the beacon packets with the cisco ap name.

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    I have same problem, it is too hard to identifies 20 ap with same ssid and same vendor.
    Can you add a option to manual add name to a mac address ?
    ex: to show the name in place of mac address if this exist in a .csv file or some easy solution

    this will make my life a lot easier.

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    While tools like insider work great, they are still limited to what information windows passes on.
    Trent does a great job trying to get more information from windows as request come in (good work trent).
    That said if you are really keen on works, you cant go pass a "nic" that is designed for the purpose, thus by passing the windows api. This is where the AirPCap device comes in.

    If you find yourself wanting more, check it out. I'm more then happy to chat more about the device, as I have found it very handy for my works.

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    Default Great idea, naming the AP's

    One other tool that already does allow naming of AP's, is Wireshark.
    They allow one to create a lookup table file, with Mac address to name translations.

    Very useful feature! Saves a lot of time.

    I typically have upto 10 AP's with the same SSID. Takes a lot of time to use a manual lookup table for InSSIDer!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Sorry for reviving an old thread, but this would be a vey useful features for those of us installing Cisco WLANs

    I don't think AirPcap is required for this. A customer of ours actually developed a simple Windows app which does show the AP name obtained via CCX. I believe they are getting this from the Intel wireless client driver.

    In fact, the intel wireless tools do show you the name of the AP you are associated with.

    It would be great if you could implement this feature in InSSIDer, even if it would only work with intel wireless clients.

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    The Fluke AirCheck is a nice tool and displays the AP name.


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