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Thread: inSSIDer problem with PINGTEST.NET

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    Default inSSIDer problem with PINGTEST.NET

    Run inSSIDer, then open any browser and go to PINGTEST.NET. I get 16% to 27% packet loss, ping and jitter as high as 1500 ms, when testing a server that is less than 100 miles away.

    Close inSSIDer, reload the PINGTEST.NET test, packet loss is 0% and ping under 90ms and jitter under 5ms.

    Why does this always occur when using your inSSIDer software and running PINGTEST.NET?

    The problem is repeatable every time.
    I know, don't load inSSIDer when using PINGTEST.NET

    NetGear Router DSL Gateway DGND3300;
    Linksys Wireless-N PCI Adapter (WMP600N Dual-Band);
    Windows 7. and oh yeah, crappy Verizon 1.5 DSL

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    Well, inSSIDer requires the use of the wireless NIC to scan the wi-fi channels you are not using. What you're trying to do is maintain a connection while scanning all other connections. A packet loss makes sense.

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    I've noticed that Broadcom-based WiFi adapters exhibit this behavior the most.
    Atheros-based devices don't seem to do this as much, but still do it.

    But, like Trent said, the WiFi adapter is having to leave the AP's channel to go look for other activity. While it's not on the AP's channel, packet loss will occur.

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    For this problem, you contact the Internet service provider,
    After that check your ping test, through this site
    It has the best information of IP address, IP address to domain, domain name to IP,domain name, hosting, and ping test to know the particular connection is online or not!!!!!
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