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Thread: Bu-353 GPS

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    I am also getting blue screens.... Only when GPS is enabled, and I have not been logging the GPS data when it is enabled. The blue screen time happens at different intervals, sometimes it will occur after a minute of use, and other times after 10 or 20 minutes of use. The system that I have been trying Inssider on for GPS testing is running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. Any help to get rid of the blue screening when using GPS would be very helpful. Thank you

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    I'm also not able to use the GPS in inSSIDer.

    I used to be able to run MS streets and trips AND inSSIDer at the same time while both use the GPS

    Not on this 64bit laptop.

    I started xports and it acquired 9 sat's instantly.

    Closed xports, hit start GPS in inSSIDer and it says "fix lost" and has some long+lat numbers. It never even got this far before.

    Usually it just says "waiting for data"

    win 7 pro 64 bit
    i5 m 480
    inSSIDer v2
    "u-blox 5 GPS and GALILEO Receiver (ubloxusb)" (the USB dongle from microsoft streets and trips with 2010 software)

    Edit: apparently, 64bit is the problem as XPorts is only 32bit supported.

    And XPorts is a port splitter (most of you probably already knew this)

    So anyone know a 64bit supported port splitter?
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    I had the same experience. After buying the GlotalSat BU-353 and confirming it works with the GPS Info utility provided with it inSSIDer wouldn't connect. However, after a clean boot inSSIDer gets readings from the BU-353 just fine.

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