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Thread: Exporting KLM files

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    Default Exporting KLM files

    Exporting KML files states the following from the HELP files.

    3. Click File > Export as KML
    4. Choose the GPX file you designated inSSIDer to save in step 2.6.
    5. Choose the settings you prefer.
    6. Export

    Within the KLM settings it requires you to select two paths: File>Input File and Export folder.

    Since there are more then one GPX file, I'm guessing the path to the GPX file is to the log folder I created or is it a specific GPX file?

    Within my log folder there is a APs folder, is this the folder to set the path for or is it the log folder?

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    The KML export option can only handle one GPX file at a time. So you will need to select the gpx file you would like to convert.


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