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    Question about the Wi-Fi Channel Report(keep in mind I'm a newbie to this stuff) The documentation states "The grade is a measurement of how quiet the channel is; the higher the grade, the quieter the channel."

    What does it mean by quiet? It's not differentiating between an actual 802.11 signal vs. "interference" is it? All it's telling me is what it's seeing on that channel? so if I constantly see a grade of C-, D+ or D on a channel it's telling me that the channel is congested? I do see some interference on occasions but even when I just see a regular 802.11b signal it's giving me a "D". I just need to know how to report this to my "higher" ups in more detail more than just that it's reporting a "D".


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    Think of the report as being the BEST channel for you to use.

    With WiFi both noise/interference and other wifi traffic will have an impact on how well the channel will work. So in order to pick the best channel to use, you want low traffic and low interference.

    The WiSpy device simply looks at the amount of signal at any given frequency. It is not a wifi card and does not decode any of the 802.11abgn traffic.

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    mwalker thanks for the information!! So a failing grade basically is telling me that there is a lot of noise whether its 802.11 or interference doesn't necessarily matter, just that there is a lot of traffic/noise over that channel. So if I only see 802.11 "signature" traffic and the grade is low it's telling me adding another access point on a different channel to help offload that traffic to another AP and channel would probably be a good idea?

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    Yes, that is the general idea. However, you can have one client downloading a large file from one access point and the grade will appear lower too.

    The Wi-Spy isn't measuring Wi-Fi activity. It doesn't have any idea how many users are connected and what they're doing. All it is saying, is you have a lot of RF activity here. If you are planning on deploying another AP, this would be a bad channel to use.

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    Thanks gentleman!


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