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    I'm looking to start a business of walking residentials and identifying unsecured wireless routers and charging to secure them. I currently have a relatively new laptop (Win 7) and a wifi enabled smart phone using windows mobile.

    What would you recommend to accomplish this task and where would you point me for more education on the subject.

    Thanks for any help or relocation of this question to the proper thread.

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    To simply find APs that need a little work, I would using insider, then value add with wireshark if needed.

    eg: Use Insider to find APs with WEP or No security. For the no security, you can connect to the AP and use wireshark to prove its open.

    That said, ensure you are not breaking any laws in doing it. In Australia, it is not legal to connect to ANY AP that you dont have permissions to access regardless of security. It is also not legal to seach for them with the intent to find open AP. Google are in trouble for "collecting" wifi data as the did there drive by.

    I have thought about this a few times here, but dont think anyone would pay to fix as your could need to prove it is problem. I was thinking a better option would be to offer the service to "check" the install (for free), the take it form there.

    To offer to check, means they will (by the fact the consult you and your paper work) be granting you access to check their wifi setup; thus legal. At the some time they will be more likly to pay for you to fix it if not secure (as they think there could be an issue, hense the call for your service).

    I think you may need to provide some simple report as well (people like a bit of paper).

    The use of AirPCap will provide alot more data on the 802.11abgn level, but will cost you a bit more.

    Good luck


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