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Thread: Improving Wi-Fi Coverage

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    Default Improving Wi-Fi Coverage

    Hi .. We have a programme in the UK called The Gadget Show. They recently explained that if you want to improve or direct your wi-fi routers signal to your devices .. in distant rooms for example .. take a sheet of Aluminium (Aluminum) and fold it up to look like a beach wind break - shiny surface out. Place it behind your wi-fi aerial and this will "reflect" any signal leak in your chosen direction. I tried it .. through good old Scottish granite .. and it improved my signal from a dodgy Poor to Very Good! Good luck! Sheepy2

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    I would be interested in what happens to the SWR or signal reflected back down the antenna to the radio.

    Could someone let me know if there are any issues?

    My comment here is based on my CB Radio Days. Both UHF and HF antennas needed to be tuned such that the amount of reflect signal was low (SWR). When making beams, the reflecting elements needed to be a set distance behind the driving element.

    As such I would expect that your "aluminium reflector" would need to be a set distance behind the antenna to max directional performance and ensure low reflected signal back to the transmitter.

    Any techs got a comment?

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    Default SWR's

    If I remember my RF FCC stuff correctly the energy that doesn't go out the antenna and is reflected back down to the xmiter, is consumed in the final as heat. Also the reflected energy can add and subtract on the xmission line and create nulls or highs depending the point on the line. This is from 30 years ago so feel free to correct me.

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    Yep, thats how I remember it. In the old 27Mhz CB you would overheat the final and if it did not have a thermal cut off, you would cook it.

    That said, it was 4watts on AM ans 12watts on SSB, so compared to the mW in WiFi, it may not matter. As such do what works.

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    What is described above would be considered a "passive reflector" and no direct electrical connection with the router antenna system so really VSWR would not be a consideration. ..... a more interesting parameter is the physical distance between the actual router and antenna and the foil reflector -- antenna theory there's an "optimal" spacing between them and at a 2.4gighz its very very small, but potentially give you some gain over a standard RF output by "focusing" the RF output in one direction at the expense of the other directions.

    If you're really digging this stuff, then you can read up on antenna theory and get into the theory of 1/2 wave, full-wave, 2x separation and RF wave behaviors.

    I think this is a great idea and I'd use one of Metageeks products to measure the RF router signal strength at the receiving end to determine how effective this foil reflector would be as well as playing with spacing distances. This is exactly why I bought the Wi-Spy 2.4x and really really glad I discovered it!!!!!!

    Also, remember that you are focusing the router signal in a narrow direction at the expense of the signal direction behind the metal reflector.

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    Here we can find a good explanation of how this parabolic reflectors work.

    We can even download a template to print and build one in matter of minutes.

    Try de Ez-12 Windsurfer template, the 12 dB gain is worth the effort

    Good luck testing!

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    Hi elmachinegun Thanks for the help i appreciate it

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    good advice, those about aluminium. It works!

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    It didnīt work for me, i think the signal still low...

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    One piece of aluminum foil placed behind two omni-directional antennas worked for me as a temporary solution increased a low signal to a medium range ..

    Windows XP signal strength indicator ... very low, low, etc. may not be accurate ... with my wireless nic .. dual antenna .. reads low when signal is near 50%.
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