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Thread: "Please make sure you have selected an 802.11 interface" ???

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    Exclamation "Please make sure you have selected an 802.11 interface" ???

    I don't know much about computers or wifi connections, so bear with me. I was on the Skyhook website trying to register my wifi access point so I wouldn't get the "Unable to find location" error message on my iPod anymore. It needed me to put in a MAC address and told me to download inSSIDer to find my MAC address. So I downloaded the software and all was good until I hit "Start Scanning" and got the error message "Unable to use selected interface. Please make sure you have selected an 802.11 interface." What does this mean? How can I fix it? Thanks in advance.

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    Which Interface did you select from the dropdown box?

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    Default Why?

    Why do you need inSSIDer to find your MAC address? I have seen this in several places and it is totally unnecessary to use an application such as this for a minor task.

    Simplest and quickest way is to use the application that manages your wireless connection.

    Open the application - for Example Intel PRO/set or Windows WiFi catcher & Wireless Manager, select your network and it will give you the something like:

    Physical Address or BSSID or MAC : 11-22-33-44-55-66

    That is your MAC address.
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    I believe they are trying to use a Geo location service, which has all of the AP Mac addresses logged in a database tied with location.

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