If this is already in the product and I have missed it, just let me know.

I would like to see a way to include in the report a list of all "found" devices (with the option to turn on or off the inclusion of wifi AP). For each device some info that includes.
Time Stamp (Appeared, Disappeared), Device ID and % as you think it is, freq it was centered on, max rssi

A simple table would be good.

I was testing Pro at work and I just happened to notice for a split second that it found a cordless phone on the 5Ghz channel. Since a phone will only show up when there is comms to/from it, then it could be missed, even in playback. If I had a table that included each and evey time it appeared and how long it was seen, then it would then allow you to go to that part of the recording for more detailed analysis.