As Chanalyzer has grown over the years we have added new features and rewritten the framework. We now have a few different versions of Chanalyzer, which can get a bit confusing. When we created Chanalyzer Lite we wanted it to be the base for Chanalyzer 4, but upon further evaluation of the underlying framework we decided it wouldn't provide us the flexibility we wanted in the future, so we started from scratch with Chanalyzer 4, building Chanalyzer Pro at the same time.

Starting from scratch to rebuild the application takes time and not all the features from Chanalyzer 3 have been added to Chanalyzer 4 yet, but there are features in Chanalzyer 4 that we are very excited about, so we wanted to release it now and start getting feedback. As Chanalyzer 4 matures it will replace Chanalyzer 3 as the default application that is shipped with Wi-Spy.

We are currently working on Wi-Spy 900x support, Zigbee channels, and some timeframe enhancements (to make it more like Chanalyzer 3 playback bar). The Data Inspector has been discussed in a few threads recently and it is a feature that we are planning to add soon. We are also optimizing some sections of code that are causing speed issues when there are hundreds of APs being detected.