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Thread: Chanalyzer 4 - Startup crash

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    Cool Chanalyzer 4 - Startup crash


    I don't know if it's summertime (a.k.a. quiet period), a certain lack of interest for Chanalyzer 4 or I am just the only one to have a systematic crash (reports sent) when I start Chanalyzer 4 with my wi-spy 2.4x inserted.

    If I unplug my device, Chanalyzer 4 start without any issue, but because It can't Open/Import my old *.wsr files, It is pretty useless.

    I'm sure you will figure a solution, but I can provide more details (than automatic crash report) if needed. I'm also ready to test Beta version.

    Cheers from France,

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    I had an issue when I tried to start without and internet connection (also reported). A few clicks on the OK/dont debug options and it would run fine.

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    Thanks for pointing these out. We'll be releasing a fix soon.

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    Hi Trent,

    A little message, just to say last release Fix my problem.

    Good work, metageek team.



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