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Thread: Need a reliable GPS Receiver

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    Default Need a reliable GPS Receiver

    My laptop is a HP Pavilion dv6-2170US, i5, X64 bit running Win7 with 6GB of RAM and I have just installed the latest version of inSSIDer(ver I will be working on a Wi-Fi Positioning project in Trinidad & Tobago and I am looking for a reliable GPS receiver that will work with inSSIDer on that OS without too much headache. I am currently looking at the Delorme Earthmate GPS LT-40 receiver. However, I would welcome any suggestions or recommendations. Thanks.

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    I like the garmin OEM gps. This is a no frills GPS Receiver that simply dumps the NEMA packets onto the rs232/serial port.
    - No drivers needed.
    - works on RS232 or via an RS232 to USB Adaptor

    - The down side is it does not have its own battry supply, so you would need to provide power. (I cutup on old USB lead and took the 5V and made a cable with the USB for power and DB9 for comms.

    If you are after a fast time to first fix, then something that will remember data should have a fast boot time "warm start". Devices without this will take long on each start "cold start".

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    @MWALKER, thanks for the great tip and suggestion, I'll take both under advisement.

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    I use a USB GPS - holux gr-213

    I purchased it some years ago. Works great! Magnetic mount. There are Windows xp - 7 drivers on their site.

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    Thanks Graham!!

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    New user here just wanted to ask how would GPS and inSSider help positioning wifi?

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    GlobalSat BU-353 is the one I use, works quite well for inssider and many other softwares.

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    I have the GPS from microsoft streets and trips.

    It blinks when it has a satellite fix which is awesome.

    I paid about $55 at best buy for it with streets and trips 2010 but you can probably get it WAY cheaper on ebay.

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    I got the one from metageek and works really well. Easy install and fast lockup from cold boot. Anything that will spit out an NMEA 0183 gps sentence should work though.


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