I am currently using InSSIDer version By the way, it is a fantastic program. I am writing a VB Express program that will extract data from the .gpx file that InSSIDer generates. Under the <time> element when seconds are less than 10, InSSIDer formats it like this:
2010-07-30T15:48:2.0Z instead of 'standard' 2010-07-30T15:48:02.0Z.

When my VB Express parser encounters the first one, it chokes as it is expecting two digits for seconds.

Anyway, I have a work around in my program but there may be other people that have run into the same problem.

I realize this is a free program but hope this can be fixed in the next release.

By the way, I'm also having trouble parsing out the <hdop> values but haven't been able to figure out why.