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Thread: Conflicting Wireless Routers?

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    Default Conflicting Wireless Routers?

    Heyo, Novice at Wireless here.

    Basically 2-3 days ago, my wireless starting cutting out, and restarting, and its happening to both of my PC's in the house. I thought it was the router at first, but everything seems fine.
    So i tried your program out and i noticed a neighbour is using the same Channel Frequency as me, Could this be the reason im cutting out?

    here is a picture of a live scan from the program.
    My connection is the Addon38, and the new neighbours are using SKY75581. I don't know where my neighbours live so i cant ask them to change as im unsure if thats the problem.

    If anyone can help, would be appreciated!

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    Go into your router settings and change your channel. Try that. In my area of Japan everybody uses Ch. 11 for some reason. I use Ch. 5.

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    Ive changed to channel 5. but im still Disconnecting, its even happening on Cable.
    Is it possible my router is dying and thats the cause? Though it only disconnects when i use ventrilo with Starcraft 2 or something with a higher package demand.

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    It is possible that the AP's radio is dying, as most APs aren't cooled properly, they slowly overheat and it kills them.

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    Well is there any form to stop this? Any program? reset, compromise, because its really ruining my gaming experience

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    Is this is happening even when you connect your computer using Ethernet?
    If it is, then it may be your ISP having problems.


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