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Thread: Connect & Disconnect - any difference in RSSI?

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    Default Connect & Disconnect - any difference in RSSI?

    I'm using inSSIDer to scan the AP RSSI.
    The question is, during the scanning, is there any difference on RSSI number between my wireless card connecting with one AP or my wireless card not connecting with any AP?
    Did anyone have a research report on this topic?
    It comes from one of my customer. He is afraid that the result is not correct if the scanning happens with connection.

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    The RSSI from the AP can vary based on what it thinks it needs. This is more common with bigger installs with managed APs. The SOHO AP (home AP) is more likley to transmitt at the same level.
    Keep in mind that you are looking at the beacon packets from the AP and as such I would expec the beacon would would be the same regardless of connections to the ap.

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    I haven't seen any RSSI differences between being connected to an AP vs not being connected. Being connected will typically slow down the scan rate though, since the Wi-Fi radio has to keep the connection alive and probably send data, as well as scan all the other channels. Therefore I recommend disconnecting from any APs when running inSSIDer if possible.

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    The RSSI can change upon association with 802.11n MIMO and beamforming antennas since this technology may be using multipath to its advantage. Although I am not sure how visible this may appear to inSSIDer.

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    I have seen on Windows XP that if you are connected to an AP it will have the same signal the whole time, even if you leave the range of it!

    I doesn't seem to do it on Windows Vista or 7.


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