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Thread: Better Configuration option in Chanalyzer 4

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    Lightbulb Better Configuration option in Chanalyzer 4

    I would love to see options to configure these items in Chanalyzer 4

    1 Save user tab settings so that only the tabs we want displayed on startup will be shown.
    2. On the Networks Table/Tab Ability to disable RSSI info and other columns on that tab.


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    I concur...

    Not sure if Scrambler ment this too, but the ability to TOTALLY close all the lower WiFi RSSI and Network info would be great, otherwise if you don't want to see it, it still shows up as a small section on the bottom (even if you close screens.) All it then does is hog space.


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    The first item about Chanalyzer 4 remember which tabs were open previously has been implemented in rev 4.0.2.

    I miss the ability to hid columns in the tables too and will make sure it gets on our feature list...

    I hadn't thought about this idea... so you want to ONLY see the density and waterfall views without any of the tabs being displayed?

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    In certain instances it would be nice to have the whole screen open as much as possible. If you are not looking at the WiFi at the time and only the SA, then you don't need the info there. Also, just toggling it open and closed sometimes might give you a better view of things... Maybe it could be that you just [double click] on the "movable bar" that make the 3 separate areas bigger and smaller. Then by double clicking, it will close the lower portion leaving the upper sections.

    Actually, maybe if we could open ANY of the screens as 1 that would be best.. That is possible in v3.4, and I like that feature and do use it a lot...

    Also, while I am speaking about the screens, if there was a way of changing the color of the "Max" & "Avg" lines that would be GREAT because I can hardly see them most of the time as they are now gray.. I love to look at the average line, but put anything else on the screen and it is basically blown away. Gray is ok for Max, but not great either.. I mean what if you are color blind -how could you even see either? It would be great to be able to choose your own colors (from several different one's) for all those settings ultimately.


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    Thanks that will definatly be a help. I have noticed that when I have the RSSI info and other columns on that tab open it definatly slows down the responsiveness of the other 2 primary windows that are open in the top section of Chanalyzer 4.

    Yes I do concur, the ability to completely close out that area would be a nice addition as well especially when working on a 10.2 netbook in the field.

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