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Thread: Inssider crashing/running slow when logging lots of aps

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    Default Inssider crashing/running slow when logging lots of aps


    I recently started using this software, it awesome though I've had a couple of issues. I maintain a very large area and its my responsibility to control rogue unsecure wifi. At the moment there is over 2000 ap in the area I look after. I find that after collecting information for 1000ap (even after turning off the time graph and the channel graph) Inssider either crashes or runs ridiculously slow.

    I know its probably not design to collect so many ap's, but I guess the problem would be sorted if there was real time logging? is there anyway to do this with Inssider?

    thanks for your help,

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    Yeah, I got the same problem to. What are the typical size files Inssider is able to work with. My log file was almost 100mb towards the end of my survey went to stop scanning and an error occurred and need to close. File ended up being around 74mb, which means I lost about a quarter of my data. And to top it all off Inssider couldn't parse out the kml files from the gpx. I tried parsing out each one individually-- no go--. The log file was corrupted and can't open or be converted. Inssider might not be a large scale survey tool, but could some one recommend a file size not to exceed, cause I could always stop and restart a fresh log when it reaches this size.

    Kept saying error on line 330586 column 26, I would find the line and delete it, re-save and try again. New error on a different line and column, repeated several times. Open the gpx with notepad, the AP info is there but no program can open it or use it.

    Running Windows XP SP3, GlobalSat BU-353, Alfa AWUS036NH 802.11n WIRELESS-N USB Wi-Fi adapter 2 watt on an Acer aspire one 2g Ram
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    Could you post the GPX file? Or I could contact you via PM so you can Email them to me?

    Also, what did you have the auto-save interval set to?

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    I havent receive that error yet.

    You should incorporate a auto save function for ap aswel, that might help with it running slow. At least then if it crashes from to many ap's you wouldnt have lost much.

    Do you have any recomendations on how to stop it running slow? I turned off the time/channel graph - that didnt seem to help.

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    I can't really recommend anything, as we don't do testing with thousands of APs.

    The GPX logging system is improved in inSSIDer 2. Could you try inSSIDer 2 and see if it runs slow/ crashes with 1000 APs?

    Another question, how long does it take for inSSIDer 1 to slow down/crash?

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    GPX logging, what data does that save? Ill run another test in the next couple of days and give you a idea when it starts slowing down.

    More than happy to give inssider 2 a try where can I get it from?

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    The GPX logging is the "logging" you keep talking about, and it saves all of the AP data(MAC address, SSID, Channel, RSSI, Network Type, Speed, and GPS location) for each AP.

    You can get inSSIDer 2.0 beta here:

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    I've downloaded inssider 2. So If it crashes is there anyway I can open and use the GPX file and convert it to kml?

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    In inSSIDer 2, the GPX log saves every 10 seconds, with all headers and footers, so it should be fine. Since the log should be intact, it should convert to KML just fine. If the GPX log is invalid/corrupted, you can send it to me and I will try to recover the data for you.

    If you would, open Task Manager and watch at the memory usage of inSSIDer.exe before it crashes. I may have an idea on why it's crashing.

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    Ok, So I just went out for a drive with Inssider 2. GPX file got to 25mb not sure on how many ap's because it doesn’t show up in this version then it crashed, I sent you the error file. It definitely seemed better than the last version, it didnt really slow down that I noticed till it crashed. But after it crashed I couldnt get it to work for more than 1min without it crashing even with starting a whole new gpx file. It happened 3 times, I restarted my pc and it crashed again so I gave up and went home.

    When using the log file and close the program, next time will it continue to log to the same file? and not over write?

    Computer Spec’s

    Windows 7 build 7600
    Intel core 2 duo cpu @ 2.4ghz
    4gb of ram
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