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Thread: Inssider crashing/running slow when logging lots of aps

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    Error reports help us fix the problem, thank you.

    Actually, we haven't implemented appending to a log file, so it will overwrite the previous log if you select the same log file. inSSIDer 2 doesn't store the log filename in settings yet because appending isn't implemented. We didn't want log files getting overwritten.
    We are working on it though, and it should be in the next release.
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    I added a "fake scanner" to inSSIDer so we can test with many APs without actually scanning.

    I set the scanner for 10 APs and let it run for almost an hour, it crashed twice. I noticed 2 things:
    1) The XML saving doesn't happen all at once, it takes 2-4 seconds for a large log to write to disk. The first time it crashed, the log was half-written, it was corrupted.

    2) Probably the reason inSSIDer 2 crashed was because collections for data aren't locked when iterating, so the data can be modified while something is reading the data, causing problems.

    I will post with anything else I find.

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    oK, so I have gone away and tried EVERY other program that scans networks. I have finally come back to inssider, so I did a scan today nearly 2000 individual ap's.

    Not sure if its because I updated to the new version or not but it didnt crash.

    I did notice one thing, previously it would start running really slow before it crashed. Today I had to get petrol in the middle of my scan, so I stopped the scan. I realised when I started it again, it cleared all the aps from the "grid" and it was running smooth. I was like oh its started a new log file, but no it was logging to the orignal file.

    Conclution: maybe Inssider needs to clear the grid screen ever 10mins, or the oldest ones drop off or when it gets to a certain amount the oldest ones drop off.

    Hope that makes sence. At the end of my scan my log file was 60mb. So in the next couple of days ill go for another drive and see how big I can make the log file using this method without any issues.

    The new filter feature looks good, but I couldnt work out how to get it to filter everthing but wep and open at the same. ?

    If i use the filter feature with wep and open - would it just log wep and open?


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    If you want to continue scanning without clearing the grid, hold shift while pressing scan Start button.
    We've fixed a lot of bugs dealing with GPX logging and scanning large number of APs.

    In one of the updates, inSSIDer will clear old data out of it's internal caches after 8 minutes. This prevents inSSIDer from using too much RAM, also preventing it from bogging down easily. I also added log appending, so if you select an old log file, it will add to it. You can also combine several GPX logs to a single KML.

    In testing I've had log files of > 260MB with no problems.

    Filtering only filters what gets displayed, not what gets logged.
    You might want to try the filter "Security <= wep", it should show anything that is equal to lower than WEP, which would be WEP and Open.

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    Awesome, you're a legend .

    I'll be doing some scans in the next few weeks, so Ill try it out.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyler View Post
    In inSSIDer 2, the GPX log saves every 10 seconds, with all headers and footers, so it should be fine. Since the log should be intact, it should convert to KML just fine. If the GPX log is invalid/corrupted, you can send it to me and I will try to recover the data for you.

    If you would, open Task Manager and watch at the memory usage of inSSIDer.exe before it crashes. I may have an idea on why it's crashing.

    if gpx is now converted to kml would it be possible that i can open again the log files with all the data and time graph in the inssider??

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    The GPX and KML files are solely for use with Google Earth. There isn't currently a way to re-load log data into inSSIDer.

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