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Thread: Can't figure this out, please help. This is with all wireless off.

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    Unhappy Can't figure this out, please help. This is with all wireless off.

    I have been having intermittent drops on the wireless for a few months now. I traveled up to the site and turned off all wireless. I walked around the 250,000 square foot campus and even between buildings and into the parking lot (where there is no wireless). I can't pinpoint the source of the interference becasue it is equally strong everywhere. Can anyone take a look at this and tell me what it is. Ignore the few obvious wireless APs in the capture. Those are from across the street. This is a channelizer pro capture. 4_14 Directional3.wsx

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    Are you sure your wireless card is off? Did you disable it on your laptop or just click "stop" in Chanalyzer? It looks like you've got the APs and your wireless card scanning (the relatively high amplitude signatures hopping across the band). Regardless, there doesn't appear to be enough activity to cause any significant interference. I'm going to email you a more detailed report that Trent drew up for you.

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    All the wireless access points are off. I wasn't talking about my wireless card in the PC. That is on. You are saying that the spikes in this recording are my wireless card in my PC. Then why do the wireless devices (laptops, barcode guns, etc) get knocked off the wireless when those spikes happen? I have recordings that are 25 MB and 50 MB showing this, but I can't upload them. Help!

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    I took a look at your recording and I am guessing that you are referring to what ever is on Channel 1. The Frequency band does not appear to be wide enough for an AP. My guess is an Audio Transmitter of some sort. I can't say that with 100% certainty because it kind of tails off between Channel 3 and 4, but it does looks like one. Even though the amplitude level is high during these times on the recording the Duty cycle is pretty low so I don't know if that is what is causing the drop problem or not. What channel are your AP's running on?


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