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Thread: What are these "lines"

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    Question What are these "lines"

    Hi guys, hope all is well.

    I'm relatively new to the RF spectrum world however have been working with Wi-Fi for some years now. Mainly Ruckus installs and currently studying for the cwnp programs.

    Anyway iv run up my wi-spy at home and was wondering why these near diagonal lines are showing?
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    Hi, those diagonal lines are just the plotted RF points. The reason they are diagonal is that your Wi-Spy doesn't scan all channels at once. It starts on one end of the spectrum and scans quickly across it, plotting points to represent the frequency and amplitude of the RF transmissions it detects as it scans. Additionally, wireless the routers/access points are only transmitting in beacons when you aren't using them, so they aren't constantly emitting RF signals in one steady stream. If the Wi-Spy was continuously scanning the entire bandwidth simultaneously and the AP was actively uploading/downloading, you would see something closer to a solid vertical band as wide as the frequency range. You can test this by downloading or uploading a large file (maybe streaming video) and watching the waterfall view. The "signature" of the AP will "pop" a bit more in the density view as well as there will be more data for the Wi-Spy to pick up.

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    Ok thanks, makes sense now.

    Yes I have been running speedtests across my Ruckus mesh whilst running some iperf tests across the same channel at the same time. - very dominant red patten across the entire band.



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