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Thread: 802.11a OFDM

  1. Default 802.11a OFDM

    802.11a on Channel 40

    802.11a in Full 5Ghz band

    802.11a Channels 36 to 64
    5ghz - 80211a - interop.wsr5GHz - 80211a - clean - zoomed in.wsr5ghz - 80211a - interop (2).wsr
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    How do you play this in v4 as it appears your images are of v4? The file is a .wsr file though, and v4 wants a .wsx file. Is there a new recording or is this just the old one that has been here for v3.4 for a while now?



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    Attached are the .wsx recordings (converted from the .wsr format)
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    What would be process that Metageek recommends to convert a (*.wsr) file to (*.wsx)? Do you have to do a wsr-to-csv first, then csv-to-wsx? Because if that is the case, I think the .csv may get cut off if it is too big when converted.. What would you suggest is the easiest route? Or how did you do the recordings above?


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    Hey Trent,
    Just wondering if the Metageek team had any answers to the previous posted question? You obviously did a conversion on the 802.11a recording of .wsr to .wsx, so how could I convert my current .wsr files??



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