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Thread: 5GHz Interference

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    Default 5GHz Interference

    We are having poblems with our wireless network operaing at 802.11an. We have tried channels 36,44,60 and now 108 without solving the issue. Device either drop of the network or thoughput is reduced to almost zero.

    Has anyone seen this type of interference before? See attached image.

    Can anyone help?


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    Will you send me a recording of when the problem occurs? And if you could only scan a third of the band, that would help me out as well.

    I didn't see anything odd occur in the spectral view from the image but I would like to see the recording. My email is support at metageek dot net

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    Default Spectrum File

    Its quite large - can I FTP it somewhere?

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    I don't have FTP credentials to give out. Can you crop the recording?

    If you're running Chanalyzer 3.4, it will save what you have selected in the time frame.

    Please change the selected area in the recording to what you would like to send me (by dragging both the ends of the timeframe inward). Then save the selected area. If you are using Chanalyzer 3.3, just use the Recordings Sidebar tab. Click untitled.wsr give it a name and save the recording.


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    I've emailed you a more resent spectrum analysis.



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    Hi that look like a wireless TDD bridge. Very similar to a motorola PTP84600 @ 30mhz. I can upload a similar recording at some point if needed.


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