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Thread: Unknown Device at 2.405 GHz

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    Default Unknown Device at 2.405 GHz

    This device seems to come on and off randomly and just obliterates WiFi Channel 1. Any ideas what it is?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Wi-spy 2.4x
    Many thanks.

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    I would look for any cordless phones in there area. Turn it on and off and see if it causing the activity you see. Can you send me the recording?

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    The recording file seems to be too large to upload to the forum. I will send it via email to the Metageek "support" email address. The main peak at 2.405 GHz is interesting, the secondary tones that appear at the same time (e.g., at 2.432 and 2.445) are interesting as well.

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    Definitely, has the hallmarks of a 2.4 GHz older Uniden cordless phone. I think this Histogram gives it away. I have seen the older ones on 2405 MHz before as I think the newer ones are in the upper part of 2.4. Also, it likes to put some "upper" band signal/spikes as well. I'll have to try to make a recording and post a picture. I think you would be pleasantly surprised.. It is probably one of those cheapy phones that Uniden use to make.


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