I would like to post a question to Chiefgeek & the Metageek programmers,

While, this question would probably be better suited for the Chanalyzer v3.4 forum, since v4 is its successor I will post it here instead. And since so many people have asked for this ability, I would like to continue the discussion.

If/when the ability to control Chanalyzer's Step, Res BW, Sweep-time, are put back into chanalyzer 4 like in 3.4, I still do not understand why, (Trent for instance, has said that):
Chanalyzer is showing the recording at the highest resolution. Being able to zoom into a recording is like like zooming into an image and expecting the pixels to magically increase as you go. Adding this feature reminds me of those CSI shows that can magically enhance anything: CSI Enhance
you cannot zoom into an image if all the information is already recorded there.?

After using the wsr2csv.pl script and seeing all the information that has been recorded on a file using say (Step: 25.391kHz, ResBW: 58.036kHz) at 2400-2500MHz it appears to me that the information is already recorded well enough to be able to decipher it, and allow it to be "zoomed" in on without the "CSI Enhance" effect.

When the real-time spectrum line is shown and you see the line basically stepping over itself, (see image) Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2400-2500 max resolution.jpg 
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ID:	207 I do not understand how this is (in anyway) simply zooming into a defunct image and trying to "Enhance" it.

So far, the response from Metageek has been that it is just zooming into an image which would just make the pixels bigger, I simply disagree. As you can see in the image there is PLENTY of space (and precision) between the recorded points, for a zoomed in view to be accurate, precise, and to still not be impossible.

Click image for larger version. 

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I challenge the Metageek team to simply take that section of recorded spectrum and allow it to be played without seeing the previous or later sections of the spectrum line. You would not have to even specifically crop out that part of the recording, as since the data points are already there, you just have to tell chanalyzer to Ignore the parts before and after (whatever you want to see) the section to be displayed on the graphics/histogram/topographic view. (ok well it's kinda like cropping it but not entirely)

Any responses and discussion on this would be greatly appreciated!