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Thread: Download inSSIDer 2.0 Beta 1

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    Hi I'm new to Inssider and i really like it. But I have several problems. I just can't get the gps working, it always says "GPS must be enabled to use this tab.". I use Win7 64 bit and if I try to click the button "start gps" nothing happens.

    PS: Are Germany,Netherlands and so on supported with that .gpx stuff? so that we can use the converter for kml files?

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    Are your GPS device settings correct? Did inSSIDer ever ask for serial port settings?

    Yes, any language should work with inSSIDer's GPX/KML output. If it doesn't, please let us know.

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    Default Settings

    I set the right settings and comports and so on but it doesnt work for me

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    Red face Error

    Simple error occurs when you have networks bridged its a simple fix for the user. i made a simple tutorial u guys can have a look at but i think you should fix the error

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    The bridge-related crash is (well, it should be) fixed in 2.0.5, it showed up when we were fixing compatibility with Windows XP.

    You can help us test 2.0.5 by downloading it here and then posting if it works, if it doesn't, etc.

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