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Thread: InSSider not recognizing GPS Receiver

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    Default InSSider not recognizing GPS Receiver

    I'm running Win7-x64 on an Intel iCore5 machine and I've just installed a DeLorme LT-40 USB GPS receiver. However, InSSider is not 'seeing' the receiver. I have opened InSSider, gone to File> Preferences>GPS and checked the Enable GPS box, NO Port or Comm numbers are displayed in the drop down box- strange. I have left the other selections to the default settings, clicked on OK; however, the program's status bar still reads GPSisabled. Please help!!!

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    Well, this is because the serial emulator software that makes a virtual serial port doesn't support 64-bit Windows. This is a common complaint on DeLorme's forums. There is nothing you can do to get that GPS to work on 64-bit windows until DeLorme makes a serial emulator software for 64-bit Windows.

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    Tyler, thanks for the info.

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