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Thread: Roaming on WiFi with AP

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    Question Roaming on WiFi with AP

    I have setup an AP on my home WiFi and seems to be operating correctly. Used the same SSID with the modem/router on channel 11 and the AP on 6. Both are seen on inssider. The router and AP are at opposite ends of the house, connected via Trendnet powerline ethernet adapters. My iPad and iphone seem to roam and switch without issue, however, my pcs don't; rather I have to disconnect and then reconnect to the network. Is that the norm, or should they be able to seamlessly make the transition from either access point?

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    In my experience, that's the norm. Some devices give up easily and switch to the stronger BSSID, but some are very stubborn and hang on as long as they can. I have a similar setup in my house, and I have a couple of devices that I have the cycle the Wi-Fi power on to get them to switch. In a few years, hopefully 802.11r will saturate the SOHO market (not the mention the enterprise market) to get us good roaming support to fix that problem.

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    Thanks for disappointed, but very happy with the greatly increased range of my home network using an old discarded router. At the end of the day, disconnecting and reconnecting not a bad trade-off!


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