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Thread: inSSIDer 2: Compatible Wi-Fi Adapters

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    Post inSSIDer 2: Compatible Wi-Fi Adapters

    In general, any WiFi adapter that works with Windows' built-in WiFi manager will work with inSSIDer.

    Adapters are listed by vendor, then model with what they support:

    A means the adapter supports 802.11a 5GHz
    B means the adapter supports 802.11b 2.4GHz
    G means the adapter supports 802.11g 2.4GHz
    N means the adapter supports 802.11n
    If the adapter supports A and N, then it generally supports 5GHz N. If it supports B or G and N, it's 2.4GHz only

    Note: Just because the adapter doesn't support N doesn't mean it won't be able to pick up N APs. This just means it can't connect to N-only APs.

    WiFi adapters reported to work
    • Atheros
      • Atheros 9xxx chipsets [B/G/N]
    • D-Link
      • DWL-G650 rev B5 [A/B/G]
    • Intel
      Note: To prevent RSSI values from jumping to 0 then back to normal values, make sure you have the latest drivers installed.
      • PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [A/B/G]
      • Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN [A/B/G/N]
      • WiFi Link 5350 [A/B/G/N]
      • WiFi Link 5100 [A/B/G/N]
    • Alfa
      • 1000mW AWUS036H [B/G]
    • Realtek
      • RTL8187-based WiFi adapters [B/G]
      • RTL8191se-based WiFi adapters [B/G/N]
    • Ralink
      • RT3370-based WiFi adapters [B/G/N]
      • RT3070-based WiFi adapters [B/G/N]
    • Broadcom
      • 4321AG-based WiFi adapters [A/B/G/N]
      • BCM4306/BCM2050-based WiFi adapters [B/G]
      • BCM4313 based WiFi adapters [B/G/N]
    • Dell
      • TrueMobile 1300 PCI-Card (Broadcom chipset) [B/G]
    • Siemens
      • Gigaset USB Stick 108 (unknown Atheros chipset) [B/G]
    • TP-Link
      • TL-WRN721N (unknown Atheros chipset) [B/G/N]
      • TL-WN722N (Atheros 9xxx chipset) [B/G/N]
    • MSI
      • US300EX [B/G/N]
    • Netgear
      • N600 Wireless Dual Band USB Adapter (WNDA3100) [A/B/G/N]
    • Cisco / Linksys
      • WUSB600N Dualband adapter [A/B/G/N]
    • Linksys
      • AE10000 [A/B/G/N]
    • Edimax
      • EW-7733UnD [A/B/G/N]
        Note: On the 5 GHz band, it seems to only operate on channels 36-48

    WiFi adapters reported NOT to work

    Hurray, none yet.

    Please post what WiFi adapter(s) you have tested with inSSIDer and if they work or not.
    Make sure you test with Windows in charge of managing the WiFi
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    Smile Linksys WPC600n

    Windows 7 using WPC600n card with "Broadcom 4321AG 802.11a/b/g/draft-n Wi-Fi Adapter" driver

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    Ok!: TP_link TL-WN722N (b/g/n)

    (Atheros 9xxx chipset)

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    I'm using a Netgear N600 Wireless Dual Band USB Adapter (WNDA3100) and it seems to work fine (though I haven't done any extensive testing -- everything does show up initially.)

    I've also tried a Linksys AE10000 High Performances Wireless-N USB Adapter (Dual-Band) and it kinda worked, but it did not detect wireless networks that were not broadcasting the SSID, until I actually connected to the network.

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    Intel WiFi Link 5350 - 802.11(a/b/g/n) & WiMax 802.16e

    Works great!

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    Siemens Gigaset USB Stick 108, an older B/G-Stick

    TP-Link TL-WRN721N, a cheap chinese made N-lite Stick with a decent performance. (150Mbps) (Atheros Chipset)

    MSI US300EX, a Ralink-based B/G/N-adaptor with 2 removable antennas and antenna diversity. Quite sensitive.
    ( Note: Windows7 does install drivers automatically for this adaptor, but these drivers assume USA as country, which means,
    that channels above 11 are not accessible, despite my Win7 being a german version with its country settings set to Germany
    so use the supplied drivers and use the included utility to set region code 5: CH1-14 to see everything. )

    All three adaptors work from XP-SP2 to Win7-64bit.

    Addendum: At work, a Dell TrueMobile1300 PCI-Card. a little bit deaf on the receiver side.


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    works fine on Realtek rtl8191se

    this is a B/G/N 2.4 ghz Adapter

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    Works great with NetGear WG511v2 PCMCIA card. Using Win XP with older Dell laptop. Note: This card MUST be run with included Netgear Smart Wizard instead of letting Win control wifi. But the Netgear Smart Wizard works with InSSIDer. Netgear driver is version; and Smart Wizard version is
    Hope that helps. Thanks for a Great product!

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    Thumbs up USB Success

    Netgear WG111T USB [B/G] on W7x64 with WG111T_Driver_Ryan

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    Windows XP SP3 (32-bit) (testing 11g only):

    Ubiquiti SR71-USB has an issue with the strongest signal will never go away once it reaches a high level, even when I go out of range of the AP checking with the built-in NIC. The only way I've got it to go away is to restart the NIC. The thing is, every time I get next to a new AP, it will then not go away either and remain at the strongest signal strength.

    I put the antenna in a metal box and all but the strongest signal(s) will disappear, but the strongest signal(s) will not go down or anything even when I go 100 yards or more away from it. The internal NIC does not see it at that point.

    I'm attaching a picture comparing the internal NIC and SR71 started at the same time.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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