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Thread: inSSIDer 2: Compatible GPS Devices

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    Another friend loaned me his old Bluetooth GPS.
    When i installed it, the driver software identified it as BTGPS74R
    but after a bit of Googling it appears that this device has been sold
    under several re-brandings: Holux BT-321, BT74R, and GPS-BT74R
    there may well be others
    anyway, after such a long preamble -- it works fine


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    i have a garmin GPSmap 60c does anyone know if this works?

    it work at a boud rate of 9600.

    i don't know more about it.



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    That should be HOLOX not Holux. Apparently the Holox is a 'clone'
    of Holux.

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    What about Android phones with GPS? Can inSSIDer leverage that?

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    Using GPSGATE Express, an external antenna, add the Holux GPSlim 236 (Bluetooth) to the list.

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    My bluetooth GPS COPILOT BTGPS3 appears not to communicate, but "Waiting for data" flashes in the lower section

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    First post so be gentle...
    I have not noticed any magallan GPS units on here, I have an older Triton 300 which only has NMEA outputs of 1.5 AP, 1.5 XTE and 2.1 GSA. Are there options for me to be able to convert perhaps the 2.1 to a 2.3 format and make it useable with InSSIDer?
    I can see the output in putty on com 4 but have nothing in inssider, as expected....
    options ?

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    Default USB GPS Receiver XC-GD75 works!

    Just to advise that the USB GPS Receiver XC-GD75 works on win7.
    SiRFstarIII chipset with embedded ARM7TDMI CPU
    Still wish I would have a realtime display of access points in googl earth -mode built in!!
    great software and thanks!

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    Default Garmin GPS 60

    Garmin GPS 60 worked first go in inSSIDer on COM2 with GPSGate Express.

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    GlobalSat BU-303 (USB)

    Had to manually install the driver on Win 7. Of course, you can have children, watch them grow, and attend their collage graduation while you wait for the coordinate fields to populate but it works.

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