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Thread: inSSIDer 2: Compatible GPS Devices

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    Quote Originally Posted by vusasen10 View Post
    GlobalSat BU-303 (USB)

    Had to manually install the driver on Win 7. Of course, you can have children, watch them grow, and attend their collage graduation while you wait for the coordinate fields to populate but it works.

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    Just to add my two-pennuth!

    My i-gotU 200e (Maplin code A47JU) works fine using USB.
    Haven't got around to trying it with the BlueTooth yet.


    [edit] Yup! Works fine with BlueTooth as well [/edit]
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    On the first post, it listed the GlobalSat BU-535. Cant find it. I only can find BU 353. Is there a mistake?? Thanks

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    Doh! That's a typo, I fixed it.


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    The HOLOX BT-321 GPS (74R) Bluetooth GPS device does not work with inSSIDer.

    Although, it doesn't work with Windows 7 64-bit Location and other Sensors Control Panel either. It is on Com3 and works fine with it's own software, VisualGPS, however inSSIDer cannot seam to "see" it, despite the COM port settings being identical!?

    Anyway, still an excellent piece of software :-)


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    Nokia LD-3W working (bluetooth)
    win7 64bit

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    Default GPS device GT-730f USB GPS but it not work with inSSIDer-2.0.

    I have GPS device Canmore GT-730F-S. Why it not work with inSSIDer-2.1

    Quote Originally Posted by Tyler View Post
    inSSIDer supports most GPS devices that connect to an RS-232(a.k.a. serial or COM) port that support at least NMEA 2.3. Most USB GPS devices emulate a serial port(like COM3) so applications can communicate with them.

    GPS devices that are reported to work
    • Garmin
      • GPS II Plus
      • 18x (Not USB version)
      • eTrex Venture
      • GPS 60 (using GPSGate)
    • GlobalSat
      • BU-353 (USB)
      • BU-303 (USB)
    • DeLORME (The USB GPS devices require their Serial Emulator software, which doesn't work on 64-bit Windows)
      • LT-20
    • CanMore
      • GT-730f USB GPS
    • Holux
      • GR-213
      • GPSlim 240 (Bluetooth)
      • GPSlim 236 (Bluetooth)
    • Microsoft
      • Navigation GPS 168 USB
    • Pharos
      • GPS-500
    • QStarz
      • BT-Q1000XT (Bluetooth)
      • BT-Q810 (Bluetooth)
    • i-gotu
      • i-gotu 120
      • i-gotu 200e (Bluetooth)
    • TomTom
      • MK11 (Bluetooth)
    • XUCAI
      • XC-GD75 (USB)

    GPS devices reported NOT to work
    • Garmin
      • Nuvi series. (Upon plug in, they enter mass-storage mode)
      • 18 USB. (Does not emulate a serial port to send NMEA data)
        • Does not work out-of-the-box, but it should work using GpsGate
    • TomTom
      • XXL 530S. (Does not emulate a serial port to sent NMEA data)

    If you have a GPS device not listed here that works with inSSIDer, please post what GPS you have, including model number and how it connects(USB, Serial, Bluetooth, etc.)

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