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    What are the devices that can be identified by Chanalyzer Pro? Is there a database showing it? Does it detect bluetooth? microwave oven?

    Thank you

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    Hi Leomezza,

    Actually we are currently working on a database of devices Chanalyzer Pro will recognize. It will have a tool built in so that the user can create their own classifier and submit it to the main signature database. To show you a concept, I'll attach a few images:

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    I will say this, device identification is never perfect, and false positives can lead you down a dangerous road looking for a cordless phone (which happens to be a wireless mouse). This is something that we have tried to give the user more control over than other spectrum analyzer solutions. We tell you our confidence level that it is in fact a AV transmitter or a cordless phone.

    Instead of trying to track down a specific instance of a cordless phone, we give you the opportunity to track it down just by the frequency range it is occupying. To me, being able to track down any device - whether it is recognized or not - is much more important than having it tell me what it is.

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    Right now, Chanalyzer Pro does not recognize bluetooth and microwaves. However they are easily recognized in our software. See the arrows pointing to the diagonal lines in the waterfall view? If you narrow the time frame to those points in time you can see a mountain shape in the spectrum caused by a microwave. Once you have used Chanalyzer a few times and played with a few microwaves, you'll know how to catch them better than any software solution.

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    Bluetooth will be a challenge to recognize just as any frequency hopping device will be. We are working on how we would like to tackle the device identification for bluetooth.

    Device identification can easily be compared to a program that can recognize the text in a CAPTCHA. The signals get muddles with other devices competing for frequency space, and recognizing their patterns will happen easily in a quiet environment and remain a challenge in a heavily populated spectrum.

    With 30,000 Wi-Spy users, we're hoping to build a large database of devices that our software can identify. To look through our library of recordings, you can see it here MetaGeek Recordings. This will help you to know what to expect.

    We also evaluate recordings for our customers if they do not understand what a interfering device may be. Recordings can be emailed to recordings at metageek dot net.

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    Thanks for the tips

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    With the aid of a directional (got my metageek one the other day) it makes it easier again to track down a device.

    We did a test at work where someone "installed" a 2.4 AV sender somewhere in one of our buildings. I walked around with my notebook and omni until I was getting close. I hooked up the directional and in less then 5min had the device in my hand.

    I could not beleive the line I ploted went right over the device. Then with 2 lines it was at the interection of those two lines.

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    Will these signatures work with Chanalyzer 2.4 as well? Is there a database we can download now?? Any help with identifying signatures would be really great. Especially for us newbies!!


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    You will need to upgrade to Chanalyzer 3 or 4 (4 is recommended) to use signatures. If you are using an older Wi-Spy v1 incompatible with Chanalyzer 4, you can take advantage of our upgrade promotion, which would get you about $99 off a new Wi-Spy 2.4x or DBx that would be compatible.

    We don't currently offer a database, other than the signatures that come included in the Signatures tab when you install Chanalyzer. Also, if you ever have trouble identifying a signature, you can try uploading a screenshot or recording here on the forums and take advantage of the collective experience of all the experts here.

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    OK, just checking.

    My main inquiry had to do with when you come out with a database for the Pro.

    I have Chanalyzer 2.4 package, that came with version 4 I think. Does that mean that there should be signatures with it somewhere??

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    Sorry it's taken me this long to reply. Somehow missed your last post.

    So it sounds like you've got a Wi-Spy 2.4x and Chanalyzer 4. You can find out for sure in the Help menu under "About Chanalyzer." If that's the case, you will have a Signatures tab at the top of the bottom frame.

    The signatures database will be available to all Wi-Spy users.

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    It is a nice sharing.........

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    Quote Originally Posted by leomezza View Post

    What are the devices that can be identified by Chanalyzer Pro? Is there a database showing it? Does it detect bluetooth? microwave oven?

    Thank you
    Wi-Spy DBx device is a portable USB Wi-Fi spectrum analyzer which displays RF in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz open spectrums. This device lets you capture non Wi-Fi activity that can be emitted from devices that can affect the wireless spectrum, such as those mentioned above. mybkexperience
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