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Thread: [Suggest] Export improvment.

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    Default [Suggest] Export improvment.

    It would be really nice if the Export used the existing file name as the base for the output file name.

    Say my input file name is '2010-9-7_19-11-38.gpx'
    The output could be something like
    -- 2010-9-7_19-11-38_summary.kml
    -- 2010-9-7_19-11-38_comprehensive.kml
    -- 2010-9-7_19-11-38_(whatever).kml

    Once you have it doing that, you can then tell the export to convert whole directories without worrying about conflicting file names.

    Of course if you could instead just select the format to record in rather than exporting, that would save a step right off the bat. I would look at changing it myself if I could program at all. I'll be posting a few other suggestions each under its own subject.

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    inSSIDer 2 exports log files in a sub-directory of the filename

    If you have '2010-9-7_19-11-38.gpx' you will get:

    You cannot log to KML files, it is just the output formatted data container that Google Earth reads.
    GPX is a logging file format, it stores waypoints as you go along scanning.

    If you were to log to KML, you would loose the ability to export different types of KML files.

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    the sub-directory still means that you have to manually go in and rename all of the files. It is no different than my current method of exporting to a directory below my logging directory. My use may be different than other people's though. I'm using inSSIDer as a replacement for netstumbler in a wardriving setup and then uploading the resultant data to for triangulation. then I can pull the located AP's back down though their Java Client. for plotting locally.

    I'd be interested in testing the beta application since depending on where I drive you can see in excess of 30 AP's from a single location with many of them all crammed into 1, 6, and 11. A campus, student housing and a hospital all within a 1 square mile.

    • Have you driven today?

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    Would you be glad to know that you can select multiple GPX logs and have them all combined into a single KML with inSSIDer 2?
    It will export the KML to a subdirectory with the name of the first-listed(not first selected) input file. I think the list of input files is sorted alphabetically(we cannot change this). All of the GPX files must be in the same directory for this to work.

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