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Thread: detecting N network with B/G adapter?

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    Default detecting N network with B/G adapter?


    just wanted to ask if inSSIDer will detect N networks (speed: 65) on a computer/laptop with an adapter that only supports B/G

    only definitive answers please, guessing i could do myself


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    Yes. inSSIDer will detect 802.11N networks using a B/G adapter. My primary scanning adapter is B/G 54Mb adapter, and it detects them just fine.

    If you haven't already, you should check out inSSIDer 2.0 beta, it has better 802.11N scanning.

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    thanks tyler

    yes, i am already using 2.0 beta - it's a great piece of software, i like it a lot


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    Hi Tyler,

    Thanks as well for this information, however i would be interested in the technical aspects on how a b/g adapter is capable of identifying if a network is 802.11n or not, if it is not able to do .11n itself?

    Will it just check the supported data-rates in the beacons and if anything above 54mbit is listed it will show the network as 802.11n or is there anything more complex to it? (@Markus: the aspect of "supported rates" in the beacons i didn't think of in our last conversation, as i was thinking way too complicated )


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    The way a b/g adapter can identify a 802.11n network is that most b/g adapters return Information Elements (IEs) broadcast by the AP in a beacon. That is where the extra info comes from. inSSIDer uses a combination of the PHY type field (Which determines if the AP is 11n), and the HT IEs (These give the channel bonding info, supported rates, and some other info that I didn't see as useful )

    I used an 802.11 beacon packet from my N AP with Wireshark to figure out where all of the data was
    I would get more detailed, but I'm not at my develop machine right now. I'll see if I can find the beacon capture and edit this post with the info from it.
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    good info here, thanks a lot!

    thinking about this now it makes sense.. the adapter wouldn't need to be able to understand i.e. the modulation itself, as long as it can interpret the info in the beacons..
    and the HT capability and HT info fields in the n-beacons provide all that info in a way that all adapters are able to understand it anyways..
    I was thinking waaaaay too complicated, when this info can be found that easily, thanks

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    Sometimes you can turn off the Ns b/g mode. This will give better performance with the N, but will mean it wont play friendly with other networks.

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    Even though this thread is a little old maybe it'll help someone doing a search. Here's a look inside a 802.11n packet that shows some of the info available.

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    tyler, im also using 2.0 beta and it works.thanks a lot dude.


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