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Thread: PPI-Geolocation support

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    Default PPI-Geolocation support

    I am in the process of releasing a standard for encoding GPS (as well as other information, such as the antenna type, orientation, etc) into standard pcap files by using per-packet information tags. The specification is pretty much complete, as well as wireshark and scapy support for it (still trying to get those merged upstream). A C-based library to read/write the tags may also be released in the near future.

    Anyway, Kismet is going to add support for it, and I was hoping inSSIDer would consider adding it as well. The end-goal of this is to allow a decoupling between packet capture and packet visualization. The visualization support in inSSIDer is certainly easy to use and convenient, but if the packet captures themselves were tagged with the PPI-Geolocation tags they could be imported into a more advanced visualization system. Alternately you might want to allow importing into your own kml generator.

    Anyway, if you guys are interested I'm very open to providing support. If you are please shoot me an email. The latest draft (as well as wireshark/scapy support) can be found at

    Hope someone sees this.

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    Hi JC, thanks for posting here! We appreciate it. I've rated the thread to attract some readers.

    For the developers out there who would like this feature built in, please see our repository for the code and add whatever you can.


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