I would like to request / propose that there be the ability to have different themes or ways to display the information that is provided by Chanalyzer 4 & Pro. Personally, I tend to like the way Chanalyzer 3.4 looks with the 3 different screens that are viewable for Avg/current, spectral, & topographic views. While, the new look for Chanalyzer 4 is nice, and there are advantages to having everything all on one graphic, there are also times that is is helpful to be able to separate out the view into their own windows. As-well-as allowing the closing of, or adding to, the windows that are currently viewable.

Chanalyzer Lite also had a nice feature (in the previous version) that allowed you to basically choose which screen (top, middle, or bottom) that you wanted to display for that view (Spectral, avg/current, or topographic). That was handy when your eye does not want to always look at the top or bottom of the screen for what ever graph you are tending to look at the most.

Personally, I liked having the current/avg on the bottom and the histogram on the top, since I look at the histogram the least and the current/avg the most. I also, most of the time, turned off the histogram view to allow for larger screen views of the other 2.

I was not as keen on the side bar in Chanalyzer 3.4 though, as is shrank the views when you opened it. Plus is was a pain to open to change MHz vs. WiFi channel. However the ability to move all that information away/hide it was nice to open the screen up as fully as possible.

Not sure if the Chanalyzer code would have to be "open" in order for individuals to design their own look, but if possible having a way to allow users to create/make an individualized theme, that they program, would be great too (and would take much of the burden off of MetaGeek programmers)!