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    I install wifi devices and I have seen this same pattern at two different locations within a few days. Signal is fixed and constant but at the other location was on a different frequency. This signal stops wifi devices from operating at the same frequency.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Can anyone identify this device and also possibly the distance from the source?

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    Could be an old school 2.4 GHz cordless phone or headset.. If you have a Wi-spy 900x you could confirm it by looking at the 902-928 MHz range and if there is a large spike around 915 or so, then that is the culprit. Otherwise, without using chanalyzer 3.4 or 4, it is pretty hard to know what it is, as it could be so many different things. You need to zoom-in on it and get a recording or better picture to make a better conclusion I think.

    Also, if it is really constant for extended periods, it could be a video transmitter or the like. However, I don't think it is video because of the changes in the waterfall view . That is unless you were moving when you made the recording. As for distance that all depends on the environment it is in. What kind of Wifi install? indoors, outdoors, large building, home office? basically you need to give us more information to go on and specifics if you really want a best estimate. However, I would say it is not super close, if you are in a open area/large office with large rooms.... As the signal is not that strong compared to if you were right on top of it. Distance is almost impossible to tell as all devices have different power levels and you are using a Wi-Spy 2.4i w/o and external antenna. So even finding the direction is made more difficult.

    Walk around and find the strongest signal you can get of it. Then start a recording and zoom in to it of you can at all. Then upload a picture, detailed info, and recording. Hopefully, we can give you a better idea then.


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    The amplitude is fairly low, and doesn't appear to be affecting the wlan, so I wouldn't worry about it But you can always track it down using the waterfall view and see if you can get closer to it to identify it.

    But seeing that the amplitude levels of the AP didn't change much, and that the device shut off eventually, and it is in the lower 2.4, I'm just going to guess a cordless phone.


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