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Thread: Minimum sweep time?

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    Default Minimum sweep time?

    Hi All,

    I wanted to know what is minimum time required for wispy 2.4x device to sweep the 2.4 GHz spectrum? What are the parameters I need to choose for this?

    Additionally, is it possible to monitor a particular center frequency *all* the time (i.e., without the device trying to sweep across other frequencies)?? Also, what is the sampling rate i.e., how much time does the device need to output a single amplitude value?

    Thanks much!

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    With a Wi-Spy 2.4x and Chanalyzer 3, you can monitor one frequency by entering in the correct values in the hardware configuration. Sweeping one frequency can be done much quicker than sweeping the entire band, but I just recommend sweeping a range. Hardware configurations are not possible in SpecTools however.

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    Can you tell me what you mean by hardware configurations? Also, can you let me know why it is not possible to do so in spectools?

    Could you also tell me what is the sampling rate for 2.4x device i.e., number of samples/sec given by this device?


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