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Thread: Ok, so now what?

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    Default Ok, so now what?

    Hi , just got the wi-spy dbx + chanalyzer pro and I really like it. I have a kind of a noob question. I found an example in my building of a strong spike in the 2.4ghz spectrum that lasted a few seconds. I tried to "zoom" in on the range, but instead Chanalyzer just zoomed in on that range and started collecting data all over again, even though I paused it first. Then when I return to the full 2.4 ghz spectrum, it lost all my history and once again started from scratch.

    So my question is, how do I zoom in and out on an old event without it starting from scratch?

    Also, out of curiosity, does anyone recognize this?

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    Hi and welcome to the forum!

    First, to answer your question. Chanalyzer Pro is always saving your data in the background. As you zoom in and out, it will start over as a new capture. All of this is contained in a session recording. So if you zoom in, and then back out, and then click save - you will have a drop down to navigate through your mini recordings.

    You can't zoom into a recording. Chanalyzer is already displaying it at the highest resolution it can. To get a higher resolution, you need to zoom real-time - which requires a change in the Wi-Spy itself. Think of it like taking a picture with a lens. You take a picture, but want to zoom in on someone's face but it is all pixelated. If you had taken the photo zoomed in, you would have better resolution.

    As far as the recording goes, i actually have never seen anything like that in the 2.4 GHz! Will you send a recording? (recordings at metageek d0t net). I'll anonymize the mac addresses and post it so others can give input. I have suspicion that this is a cordless phone. I've seen something like this in the 5 GHz. Also the times it came on and off seem to represent a cordless phone as well. You should walk around the office and turn on any wireless device you can think of.


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