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    Post WIFI issues

    I have attached a pic of the data I had collected which shows the WIFI network I am having trouble with having a ton of red on it, which I had not seen before from others. I have monitored close to 20 access points, but have never seen it like this before. There are just as many connected to the left one that looks normal as connected to the other that is entirely red. What would cause this? Interference? The channel selection?
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    I would be intested in whats going on. The red is density, that is how many times that freq and amplitude was "hit". You would expect to get a band of red that follows the profile peeks. eg: if lots of data was going back and forth between the AP and client you could have a red line for the client and a 2nd red line for the AP. But to see the space between being red seems to say the power levels are going up and down all the time.

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    Do you mean by "But to see the space between being red seems to say the power levels are going up and down all the time" that the power levels are the AC Input power levels?


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    What I meant was the signal level.
    When a transmitter sends data, I would expect it would work out the best levels to TX at, then maintain those for the session. This should mean that as long as nothing changes or moves, you would have a "line" in red not an area in red. But if for some reason the output power was going up and down then you could get an area of red. This does not seem normal to me.

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    Thanks for the reply. I am learning more about this every day!

    So I have this access point mounted in an area that has alot of metal. Its on a manufacturing floor in our plant that is in the middle of a large machine being built with alot of robotic arms and conveyors. There is a lot of sheet metal.

    So would that have something to do with this? The other two access points are probably about 20-30 feet away and not surrounded by the equipment.

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