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Thread: Dlink DIR-825 detected as Cameo Communications, INC.

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    Default Dlink DIR-825 detected as Cameo Communications, INC.

    My Dlink DIR-825 router is being detected as Cameo Communications, INC with a Max Rate of 54 instead of 300(N).

    On a side note, it appears that inSSIDer is detecting a ghost? of the DIR-825 2.4GHz band when using an EnGenius 9801 @ 5GHz. All settings are the same except MAC address is all zeros, Vendor Xerox Corp and WEP instead of WPA2-CCMP. When I disable the EnGenius 9801 and use another adapter the ghost is gone.

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    I did some testing using v2.05.1111 on a desktop running 64 bit Vista w/EnGenius 9801 adapter and both 2.4 & 5Ghz enabled. Max speed is now reported correctly for DIR-825 @ 300(N).

    On my laptop running XP w/Dlink DWA-652 adapter I still don't get the correct max speed for the DIR-825. Only reports 54.

    BTW my router is set for G & N modes.

    I don't know if this is normal behavior for Vista or what but inSSIDer doesn't see my other invisible SSID's. If I'm connected to 5GHz it doesn't see my hidden 2.4GHz band on the DIR-825 or my other router(DIR-655). If I'm connected to 2.4GHz on DIR-655 it doesn't see the hidden SSIDs on the DIR-825. On the laptop w/ DWA-652 inSSIDer is able to detect my hidden bands.
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    I have verified that inSSIDer 2 does not see hidden SSIDs. We'll see what we can do to resolve the issue.

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    Just wanted to let you know that I tried using the EnGenius EUB9801 in my XP laptop again, but this time using the current version of inSSIDer 2.05.1111. I got an error msg... something about Guid should have 32 digits and 4 dashes. I had the program send in the error report. If I disable the 9801 and enable my DWA-652 inSSIDer runs without an error.

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    The guid bug should be fixed in, which we released today (within a couple of hours ago).

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    Is there any reason why inSSIDer still only sees a max rate of 54 on my DIR-825 even when I'm connecting @ 270 Mbps as reported by the connection status in XP and about 240 Mbps as reported by the router's wifi status? The DIR-825 is set for N only in the 5GHz band.

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    inSSIDer not seeing the 802.11N extended rates on XP would be because when I fixed 11n parsing code on Vista/7, I forgot to make the same changes for the XP side.
    This and a bunch of other bugs are (well, should be ) fixed in the latest development source code.

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    Default Hey! My D-link router is also being detected as Cameo Communications.

    [QUOTE=pcjunky;13926]My Dlink DIR-825 router is being detected as Cameo Communications, INC with a Max Rate of 54 instead of 300(N).

    I don't know if that's in turn related to a weaker RSSI or not. Anyway, have you been able to reslve that issue now?

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    It looks like the DIR-825 is an OEM product designed by Cameo communications and sold/marketed/supported by DLINK.

    I'm waiting for the next release of inSSIDer to see if the issues with detecting max speed and wireless N are fixed in XP. I've been seeing different results depending of which Windows OS I'm using. It might be a wireless adapter driver problem or an issue with the DIR-825. I'm not sure yet.

    On my XP laptop I getting only 130 Mbps connection in 2.4 Ghz N but 270 Mbps in 5Ghz when I'm about 10' from the router. I think I saw different results in Vista desktop, but I need to test again to verify.

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    So everything was working fine with the late January release of inSSIDer on my XP laptop except for the "ghost" id w/mac addr 00 and xerox name, however I upgraded to Windows 7 and now I can't see any hidden SSIDs.

    Well actually I can see the "hidden" SSID that I'm currently logged into but no other hidden SSID's that I or my neighbor have set up.

    Is there something in the Windows 7 API that is different from XP and Vista in regards to hidden SSIDs or is this just a bug?


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